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Default Re: Multi-hose hookahs?

Originally Posted by shavedturbo View Post
well the king tut doesnt have the "auto seal system" while the other 2 do. I would stay away from the black one only b/c you couldnt see how much water you have in the base and the smoke in the base. If you are dead set on a multi-hoser i would probably go with one of the second 2 you showed. A KM or MZ which would be one of the best smoking hookahs (but they are single hose) would run you ~$60-100 depending on height. I would used those numbers to compare to how much you will spend on a multi-hoser that wont smoke as well. But if you get the multi hose, make sure it says it comes with the "auto seal system" so that you can smoke it by yourself w/o anybody plugging the hoses
ok, thank you! Now, if i smoke a multihose with autoseal by myself. Will it smoke as good as a none multihose? If not, ill not buy a multihose. Sorry for asking so many questions but i dont wanna regret my buy. And I need to buy from!
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