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Default Re: Multi-hose hookahs?

Yes, you can smoke well out of any hookah with multiple hoses as long as the hoses are plugged. I don't understand why people always say multiple hosed rigs pull worse because it's all based on the Heart style; Traditional or Common Chamber (chambered, hollow).

A multiple hose hookah, when plugged off, is absolutely no different then a 1 hosed rig. No air is coming in, going out, no smoke is being misplaced. The only difference is that more smoke sits in each hose after someone pulls through that hose. So when you are pulling on your hose, the other hoses are filled with non-moving smoke. That doesn't relate to smoke density at all though.

When multiple people take a drag you get massive smoke because the coal is burning the tobacco faster; the bad result is a quickly spent bowl, not low smoke density.

Ok, a multiple hosed rig with auto-seal (Mya) is fantastic for multiple people, so if you will always be with multiple people, buy one. If you are going to be alone most of the time, you should get an Egyptian or Syrian 1 hose rig, because the pull will be better, and you will be able to purge the smoke out.

Lastly, think about it man... A SIX HOSED ROTATOR?? Where the hell is it gonna rotate, if 6 people are holding a hose, that's a full circle of people and you won't be passing hoses, so it will just swivel slightly and be very annoying and pull out the hoses... and you will most likely never need 6 hoses. I say get 3 at most, get a Mya multiple (it can be converted to 1 hose but the pull will not be as good and you wont be able to purge compared to an Egyptian/Syrian) if you are going to mostly be with 3 or more people. Mya Acrylic, preferably, from H-S, the stem is a tank.

I would NOT reccomend a H-S Syrian or Egyptian at all, when you can get MUCH better ones for cheaper (A Khalil Mamoun or some other Syrian from *************).

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