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Default Re: Ice=bigger smoke??

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
ice cools the smoke, slowing down the molecules, making the smoke more dense + less hot.

at least i think so lol :P
Originally Posted by dakingkevin23 View Post
yup. Keep in mind though, the smoke particles will move slower, which makes them denser, but will also take away a small fraction of flavor
Slowing down the molecules? I think somebody was asleep during science class!

The smoke contains a large amount of moisture. The cooling effect of travelling donw the stem and through the ice causes some of that moisture to condense, forming small water droplets. The smoke particles (not molecules) facilitate this as they are the nucleus which the water molecules attract themselves to as they cool. This is virtually the same process that forms fog and clouds.

Ya got yerselves a little cloud generator right there!
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