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Default Contentment Samples

I wanted to give everyone here a quick word or two about a really top notch Iranian jurak i'll be getting in soon. The brand is called contentment ( رضايت
in Farsi) and it's amazing stuff. I'd go so far as to say it's as good as al-Buturī Hamāsah or even Zenith. Rich, heavy and complicated with lots of spice/herbal tones. Anyway my pal in the states got some from his contacts and he'll be giving out something like 5-10 samples (not sure exactly now) of two different blends. Those of you that are interested in getting some need to fire off a note to me when I post the delivery info as you'll be in for a real treat. Anyone that wants some back ground on this stuff just ask as I met a part owner of the brand about 7 years back.
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