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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Basically jurak is thicker, stickier and stronger then ma'sel. It doesn't use any glycerine and it gets it's flavours from the huge ranges of tobaccos used in the blends, honey/molasses and what ever herbal/spice oils are infused into the mix. The heat management is a bit more work then normal but it's not a tough product to get to smoke well. In any case, because it's strong and has a very complicated flavour profile it's very different from typical fruity/candy style products on the American market. Chances are that if you love stuff like SB you won't like an old fashioned product like Contentment.

I'll get up some more info about the brand when I have the chance. Also, when my pal gets the shipment i'll know exactly how many samples can be sent out. So anyone interested in this sort of product need to keep an eye on this thread.
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