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Default Re: perfect mix for a hot day

I have 2 great mixes for you dude.

1. Nahkla double apple and any brand mint flavour: use something around 50-50 if you really like the mint if you don't use a 70% double apple and 30% mint. Put some ice in the vase aswell some lemon slices if you want a citric touch at the end of the smoke.

2. AF lemon and mint: I recomend the same amounts as the first mix but this time put some orange juice diluted with water (50-50) or orange tea, aswell at the lemon slices and ice.

I use this combinations a lot when is summer here in my town, the heat is something unbearable something between 40-45 celcius... and is dry as hell almost desertic! Good luck I hope you like them
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