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Default Re: I stand corrected....

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
I packed my tangiers lucid watermelon sample I got from bung just like I did my AF or other brands of tobacco. I accidently under packed it a little actually, and I still had nice clouds and that bangin' watermelon flavor. I dunno what is up in your case.
Eck Idk...Maybe I'm just not used to Tangiers yet or something?!? Ahhh I've gotta keep testing this stuff out and see what works for me.

BTW avid Tangiers smokers, I have a question. When you put the foil and the holes when packing the Lucid line, do you have to poke the holes ALL the way through like reg tangiers or just make the holes like one would with reg. shisha brands?

Idk my set up is sprinkling the tobacco all around the small phunnel and a lil under the rim like all regular shishas. Then, I just poke the holes in the foil like any other brand.
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