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Default Re: Hookah Bars/Lounges

1) How many different brands do they have?
IMO 4-5 brand of, 1-2 of each range (eg. al waha , nakhla , alfakher, layalina and starbuzz)

2) How many different flavors from each brand?
get around 8-10 from each and then see what sells best
3) Quick lites or Naturals?
Go for naturals ( they 'll cost less, last longer and easier to manage IMO, + the no chemicals benefit)

4) Egyptians or Myas?
Depends on the look of your place but as a hookahlover i'd like to see Egyptians in a lounge

5) Short or Tall?
The biggest the hookah the more newbies it attracts .... but id go with 30" rotators if i were you

6) Sofas, Booths, couches or more like tables and chairs?
By this question i guess you wont offer food....
I'd like to see both sofas and taables in a lounge. Here lounges either have sofas or tables and chairs.
you can do both but bewere -- more sofas than tables, people prefer it --

I guess that would be my dream-lounge
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