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Default Re: Hookah 101 for us Noobs

Hookah 101, A Guide: Dedicated to my fellow Hookah noobs:

Hookah for Noobs

Table of Contents:

I. Video Links
**** How to Set up a Hookah
**** Clean your Hookah
**** Hookah Coals 101
**** Make your own Windcover
**** Make a bowl out of an Apple

II. General Tips
****A. 17 Various Pointers to Smoking Hookah

III. Vendors

IV. Hoses
*** Well-liked Hoses

V. Shisha
*** Various Brands
**** Tangiers Section/Tips/Quotes

VI. Grommets
*** Grommet Info.

VII. Hookah Pipes
*** Break down of Various Hookah Brands
**** Break down of Various Metals (that are in Hookah pipes)

VII. Current Events in Hookah community
****AF Grape
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

I. Video Section
** Here are links to basic video guides :

Sambooka’s Basic Guide to Setting up a Hookah:
** Contains nifty tips, worth a watch

Here are a couple guides on Cleaning your Hookah:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is a great guide about Coals: “Coal basics 101”

Here are a couple guides to Make your own Windcover:


Sambooka’s Guide to Make a bowl out of an Apple:

Hookah domain's simple guide to pack a Phunnel Bowl:

II. General Tips
Note: more information can be found by searching the forums.

1.) If you’re lighting coals with a standard lighter and tongs, invest in a candle to make lighting coals less of a hassle.
2.) You can purchase a “single coil burner,” a plug in stove like device that makes lighting coals extremely simple. A link to buy one online:
3.) Using ice in your base, “cools the smoke, slowing down molecules making the smoke more dense + less hot,” (Scoop 6/23/08). Ice can also emphasize the flavor and make your hookah session that much better.
4.) Try crushed ice cubes for more surface area. ~Postgymsmoker
5.) Putting milk in your base can make the smoke thicker, but don’t fill the base with only milk or put too much milk because it can bubble over through your hose.
6.) If you put soda in your base, its best to make sure your soda is flat so you don’t inhale carbon dioxide.
7.) Multi-hosed hookahs are generally harder to maintain and usually don’t provide as quality of smoking sessions as the single hosed hookahs. (Some discrepancy and disagreement about this topic)
8.) Windcovers, covers that are placed over the bowl of your hookah while you smoke, help with heat management by heating the shisha up more evenly, getting more heat out of each coal, and saving you coals in the long run.
9.) How much heat your coals generate and how tight you pack your bowls affects your smoke session.
10.) On hookahs with ice chambers under the trey, one should not leave lit coals on the trey because condensation can extinguish part of the coals. Charcoal can also melt some of the ice in the chamber. Investing in a charcoal holder can help.
11.) A hookah diffuser can be attached to the bottom end of your stem to mute the sound of the bubbles, and possibly help with filtering. A great link can be found here:
12.) Invest in a Phunnel bowl. Phunnels help to maintain flavor, conserve shisha, and all around boost your smoke session. (search the forums for more info)
13.) Try a mod for you’re a phunnel. Some people like mods some people don’t.
Check out this great link for more info:
And/or this one:
14.) Don't use dry ice in your hookah, because dry ice emits carbon dioxide and its not healthy to be inhaling excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.
15.) Try adding Glycerin to revitalize, old, dry shisha. It helps give off bigger clouds, which is why most shishas have glycerin in them.
16.) Regarding Scalli mods, I found this on this forum: "Before each session I smear cooking oil over the entire surface as it makes clean up easier." "The scalli mod tends to get black stuff on it even if you follow tip one and hot soap and water never get all of it off. The solution is a very small cup with a couple of inches of very water mix with two full tablespoons of powered dish detergent. Just let the mod soak for a couple of hours and it will be pristine clean."
17.) Poking holes in your screen, or tin foil covering over your bowl, is a significant part of correctly managing heat. Without holes, your shisha can overheat, the smoke can become too harsh, and it will decrease your session length. On the other hand, poking too large or too many holes, can result in ash falling into the shisha and shisha not producing very much smoke. (Refer to the Sambooka video link, setting up a hookah)

Note, I am a noobie and don’t know that much, feel free to send pm’s or posts asking for more things to be updated into the guide.

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