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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Hajo, I just want to say .. THANKS! for sharing these incredible tobaccos with Members, that is very generous of you ... much appreciated! Especially since we can't find these tobaccos anywhere in the US. It is a real treat to get to try them .. I remember when I had the Al Buturī and it was so nice!
I like the idea of getting a little bit of joy out and a about and since I have the good fortune to have people feed me such great stuff it seems like a good idea. Basically I got into the old fashioned stuff the same way.

Contentment is cured like a lot of Iranian products in that the leaves ferment in piles in a manner kind of like cigar filler. Later they are cut and packed in drums and aged with the herbal oils before the molasses is added although I am not sure how they do that. The end result is that it takes something like 4 months before the jurak is ready to be packed. It's packed the traditional way with wax paper and string which means you have to get it fairly fresh for it to be good.
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