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Default Re: Holy hell of a hookah resturant!

The menu looks great but I’ve no idea how the shisha is. Back when I ran a shisha café the menu was limited and very coffee/desert/snack sort of stuff. Good quality but simple and limited.

Since getting back to Lithuania I’ve gotten more into the local food ( Raugintų kopūstų sriuba, Grybų sriuba su lašiniukais, Troškinta kiauliena su krienais & Plikyta ruginė duona ) and the ale is great ( and endless range of Kvass and a fermented tree sap with black currents which is a lot like American style maple beer. Still, I really like Mediterranean and Indian food and I do mis New Mexico food and I just had 50lbs of green chile packed on dry ice shipped to me. Being pretty much in the middle of nowhere the quality of life is great if one overlooks the lack of shisha cafes and museums.
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