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Default Do NOT buy Nammor.

I will start by saying that I am a fan of the nammor hose. I like the draw on them. I have two.

The reason I have two is that the first one I bought broke. So they sent me a new one free of charge. They just asked for a picture of the break. More than understandable and great service. The first hose I got was a first production nammor. They sent me a second production to replace it.

I am a handy guy who does fabrication as a hobby so I fixed the old hose. Since then it has broken twice in two different places... I could kind of understand if the original break snapped again but my fixes seem to be the strongest part of the hose.

This has made me very wary of the second run hose and has pushed me away from buying another eventually. I am going to try Razan and see if there are the same issues. I have not heard as much. Only a few reports of breakage.

I suggest anyone who is looking to buy a nammor wait until all of the old production is sold out. Ask them if you can get one of the second batch. If they can't satisfy this request...

Do NOT buy Nammor.
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