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Default Re: If you have to decide for a SB flavor, wich one would it be?

Originally Posted by patodrums View Post
What does it tastes like!? I imagine is sweet but something look like you can mention!?
Its like artificial blueberries with some mint

but word of caution...this stuff is that kind of flav that you'd wanna smoke once in a while cuz its really strong an it will get kinda sickening after a while cuz its way too sweet. If your don't like overly sweet flavs, don't get it lol

Flavs that are great in my book is Sb White Peach! It tastes like a real joke. Its one of SB's best selling flavors. Its like a sweet peach and it really does taste like your biting into a peach

Also, I think Strawberry Margarita is awesome. It reminds me of pink lemonade but idk if you'd like it lol
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