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Default Re: sticks or regular charcoals?

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
If you are bent on staying with quicklights go with some 3 kings or golden quicklights. I actually enjoy using some 3 kings quicklights from time to time. If you let em ash over properly they are a damn good coal. Most of the time I use my exoticas. Sure they take longer to cook, and you gotta score em but big deal right? They burn forever. They are also cost effective
I agree about how awesome they last forever!

Imo I hate ALL qls pleh. I used to smoke with QLs until I bought naturals...I couldn't believe on how much flavor I was missing out on.

3K is an okay coal, but its so expensive for what its worth. They taste nasty after a while to me. I've tried goldens, but I hear they are WAY better than 3k
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