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Default Re: sticks or regular charcoals?

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
I don't see what people say when they are like. "Oh it has the chemical taste" 3kings do not have a taste if you let them ash properly. I think we got ourselvs a placebo effect going on here. I love 3 kings. Will use them willingly if I am on the go. No need to bring my burner with me, cause I got some QL's!
Idk it does to me even if it is ash over and glowing. I think its cuz I've been smoking with naturals for a long time and that I'm so used to clean and tasy smoke lol. Last time I tried them was 2 months ago and prior to that...I was smoking naturals for 3 months straight

I mean its not like a "chemical taste" its this weird aftertaste I get that is really hard to explain.
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