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Default Re: If you have to decide for a SB flavor, wich one would it be?

Originally Posted by patodrums View Post
I'm totally into blueberry stuff so blue mist sounds nice but white peach actually sounds good eather... but I don't know if my vendor here in Mexico has it so I have to check but that flavor sounds great. I'll buy the SB til friday I think or maybe thursday so keep posting and I'll tell you wich one I bought or I'll simply do a review cause sambooka loves them. haha cya around guys!
Heh if you are really stuck on choosing either...If the tins aren't wrapped around in tape, smell each of those flavs and figure out which one smells best to you :P

Blue mist smells better than the peach cuz the peach smells a bit iffy unopened. But once you smoke it...All of your questions about the smell will be blown out of the water
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