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Default Positive impact from smoking the hookah

Back when I had first starting Hookahing, i smoked cigarettes, cancer stix, death twigs, whatever you wish to call them. I had been smoking for about four years, and was introduced through a good friend in real life to hookah..

Next thing you know, i went to a head shop and bought one of those tiny 12" starter hookahs,i had it for about 6 months and just neeeeeded more...So, i just recently purchase an ice torrent from

It has been about a week, and i noticed yesterday that my "pack a day" is officially done. I didn't have one cigarette at all and nor did i crave them. I only smoke like one bowl of shisha in the morning and one bowl at night.

I'm going to do the same thing today and if i dont crave then im officially done with that junk.

I was just wondering if hookahs have done anything good for you...
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