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Default make sure you wash your hookah very well...

oh man, i made a poops mcgee last night. I tossed in some AF bubble gum for the first time and was so excited. I grabbed my 22" and added a little ice, water, got the coals going, and packed my bubble gum. Started taking a few hits and although it smelled wonderful (like big league chew), there was this mystery taste i was getting. After a little while, I noticed some very strange bubbles in the base. I got to thinking and finally figured out that there was a bit of left over dishsoap in the base from it's last cleaning. I don't soap it up every cleaning, but every once in a while I do. Anyways, It actually buzzed me pretty good, but I just decided to call this session a wash, no pun intended. I am going to throw in some bubble gum shortly! wish me luck! lol
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