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Default Re: Do NOT buy Nammor.

The breaks were (in order of appearance)
The acrylic hose end that was in my hookah, while trying to remove it gently. I had heard about the acrylic being a bit touchy. This was the fist day I had it and the first smoke. This netted me a second hose and was easily fixed

Next the grommet popped out and the glue just fell off. No hot water, not after a wash, no extra force. Just fell out ofter a smoke. Easily fixed.

Lastly, yesterday my friend was smoking on it and half way through a drag the hose popped off right above the lower poof. A little harder to fix since I had to re-wrap the handle and the thread that held it on. Then I sealed it in place and glued the hose back together.

I baby all of my stuff. The only extra abuse they see is when my buddy gets the hose. He has a tendency to rest the hose on the table just below the fabric and make a tight bend in the hose that I do not like.

By the by I hold mine by the handle closer to the second fabric piece. Nice and comfy.

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