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Default Re: Positive impact from smoking the hookah

I never liked cigarettes, too hot and harsh with no real flavour. I don't think that anyone will get any health upsides from narghiles unless it basically ends cigarette use. Any sort of smoking carries a substantial, if wildly overstated, risk so in the end you do it because of what it adds to the quality of life in terms of ritual, friendship and aesthetics. Of course before you smoke you should seriously consider the risks and make sure you do it out a love of tobacco rather then a desire to be "hip". I don't think it's the powerful addiction I always hear about for the simple reason that unlike every other clinical addiction almost everyone that has stopped smoking has done so without medical assistance. A few times a year I stop for 2 or 3 weeks just to see if any of the symptoms of withdraw kick in and they never do so....
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