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So i went to this hookah bar the other night...with my cousin..i havent been to a hookah bar in a while cuz i dont see a point in spending money to smoke hookah when i can make the same thing at home.

so he ordered double apple and they said u have to buy at least 2 drinks as well. so he did. the hookah and 2 waters came out to 20 dollars! and i was really mad but my cousin calmed me down and said dont worry about it your my guest and were here to relax.

So 10 minutes later the hookah was a KM and the first thing i noticed was like coal which was only half red. the rest was clearly black and i was just like are you kidding me?! and then i waited until the rest burned and started to smoke. the first 2 hits were so smoke filled but no flavor. then it was burning and tasted like ass. i looked to see what the problem was and i noticed that the shisha was hanging over the bowl and the foil looked like someone balled up it. unrolled it then put it on. it was on loose with HUGE holes. and the thing made me so upset i just wanted to jump over the counter and say let me make it!

anyways for anyone who lives in virgina in the dulles/loudon/fairfax area this place was SPHINX

i will never go back there in my life. and im really disappointed for all the smokers that will try it there and end up hating hookah.

this post is so long im just angry and ranting lol
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