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My first hookah experience was a lounge experience, and I was fourtunate enough to enjoy it to the fullest.

The price was reasonable, paid about 12 bucks for 2 bowls of tobacco and 4 sets of coals or something or another. Also we didn't have to buy drinks . I don't even know what kinda rule that is anyway lol. Well we were going to pay 12 bucks but we were the last folks in there for the night before closing and the man who was running the place at the time was like "its on the house."

We were pretty excited about that! The flavor was romman coconut. The man packed it well, as I remember the tasty huge clouds. I can't remember what the hookah was but the fact that it was egyptian. With the bent hose port and the way the stem looked. Overall a great place, watched some boxing on their plasma tv's. I would go there again for sure

It sucks that the lounge you went to sucked, but there are some good ones out there believe it or not.
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