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Default Re: Hookah on the way!

Originally Posted by MikeJ112 View Post
Ok I recieved my Hookah about an hour ago

I have already smoked it, I bought Al Fakhar mint & grape. The grape came in a clear bag, rather than the normal 50g box. The mint came as it should. I smoked the grape just now, it wasnt quite what I expected. I read a post about it smelling of ketchup, it did smell of grape but the taste was a little odd. It was REALLY wet, where as the mint was quite firm, so im wondering if its possibly a bad batch or something There was no production date on the pack either

I will review my Hookah later on for you all

No Al Fakher should come in clear bags! I am guessing what they did was take a normal 250g box of AF and made smaller boxes out of them. As for the taste, it appears you had a bad batch, sorry. I am NOT going to buy AF grape until they sort their stuff out; lost out too many time then I care to remember.
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