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Default Re: sticks or regular charcoals?

Originally Posted by patodrums View Post
You're the first one that mentions the you think they're better than the exoticas!? cause I think I may be able to get them here in Mexico.
They're bulk charcoals. The only bulk ones I have every tried are Sbs

Imo they are a real pain in the ass! lol joke lol

They take forever to light..And they are the worse smelling charcoals I have ever used. My room has been smelling like a ghetto campfire for the past 3 days. Thats how bad it is.

Also, bulk charcoals are infamous for going out if you don't keep on hitting the hookah.

Heh but thats just me :P Bulk charcoals aren't for me at all and that is why I stick with my exoticas :P
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