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Default Re: Do NOT buy Nammor.

I've had a nammor and razan. My razan has held up better than the nammor because I had issues w/ it and tried to be more careful this time.

Even with taking care of the hose it fell apart. It's not a big deal though. I think the reason the hoses are falling apart, especially at the glue spots is because of the smoke. There is water vapor in it, and in doing so, it keeps passing through the glue which after smoking it a few times causes the glue to weaken, unstick and come apart.

I just re-hot glue my hose back together when it breaks, or comes apart or starts to unravel. It Still looks brand new, still functions and holds for a while longer till i glue it again. I also beat the shit out of my hose. I take care of it, but occasionally it gets stepepd out, sat on, pulled or tugged to hard and everyone holds it by the plastic mouth piece instead of the handle!!!!! So yes, a hot glue gun works wonders and i'm still satisfied with my purchase now that i have found a good easy fix

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