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Default Re: UpGradde! for that double dose of Pimp'n

and here is the coming list
[list][*]left side bar to load faster if possible on all other browsers (probably slow because its flash)[*]when log in i have no clue i logged in so a confirmation here if possible[*]be able to check what you ordered in the past[*]ability to change your password. i may have just missed it but i am still going on with the default password that was given randomly.[*]when i read on another forum through a proxy it said that people where not getting a tracking number unless they contacted you. some people see it as shady business if they dont get one automatically[*]on the very bottom of the main page it says.
Welcome to Pimp Your Hookah
[/list]might want to move the welcome portion to the top to make people feel welcome. [list][*]have someone finish adding all the items. some people would order more things from the site but there is a huge void when it comes to accessories. heck if you wanted me to i could come over before work or when i have a day off and just show me how you want it done and i can do it. i want the site to succeed [*]in the about us it says that you do custom hookah's/hoses yet no where else in the store does it say that. most of the people who visit the site wont know about this and if they are buying a gift for someone having a custom one would be great. so yeah list this somewhere else on the site where its visible, almost no one checks the about us section[/list]
if i can think of more ill put them up, this is it for now though
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