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Default Pre-heating the bowl

A few nights ago, after "patiently" waiting for the coals to heat up the bowl and the resultant puffy clouds, (thanks Sambookah for the excellent setup tutorial), I pondered the idea of what would be a good way to expedite the start of a session. This is what I came up with.

Setup was a 32 inch egyptian, large bowl with the ring method, 1/2 Exotica coal broken in half, with windcover. Shisha used so far has been Hookah Hookah Chocolate, Cherry, 7 Spice, and Fantasia Apple Martini

Take a quart sized bowl with an inch of water in the bottom, and put it in the microwave. Heat for about a minute. The water needs to be steaming, not boiling. Start your coals as usual, then pack your bowl with the flavor of the night. Foil it off and finish prep for installation on the hookah. Gently place the bowl into the hot water. Continue setting up the vase and stem.

Using a potholder, put the bowl into place and add the coals. I noticed a sizzling sound when the coals were applied to the foil, a sign of the moisture on the underside. After a minutes wait, the hookah was good to go.

After trying this a few times, I found the initial smoke to have more flavor and be more mellow. Adding a bit of moisture to the bowl and heating from the bottom seems to prevent burning of the shisha on the foil, a good thing for us newbies.
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