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Default Re: My own little experiment

the studies say the smoke from one hookah session is equivalent to the smoke of about 100 cigarettes. its talking about volume not the bad health effects.

Also im going to have to disagree with the "filtering" the water is meant to filter bigger particles and to cool down the smoke. Im pretty sure tangiers would agree to if he was on this forum as well. Basically when u suck the smoke goes through the stem and into the water as air bubbles the water doesn't touch all of the smoke anyways. And in any case, we shouldnt be trying to defend hookah smoking in health regards, we all know its bad but we do it because of the "hookah experience" and a number of other reasons.

Also i dont believe the towel experiment is valid, Maybe if you can prove that the consistency of the tar is the same in cigarettes and hookah. but in any case comparing hookah and cigarettes shouldn't be done, they're completely different.
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