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Default Re: gar, having to go to a lounge/friends instead of having my own

Not a diss to people who live with their parents (did so myself till i was 21), but WHY are you hiding it from them?

If you are of legal age to purchase tobacco, why not come out in the open and explain what it is? I understand parents might flip, considering they probably think it's not used for tobacco.... but it gives you a prime chance to explain what it is and offer up that it (may) be healthier than smoking ciggys (and smells SO MUCH BETTER).

As silly as it may seem, the truth does often do better than hiding/lying to them. But I can understand why in some cases why it may be better to not show them, but remember - you're an adult (if your legal to purchase tobacco) if you handle things in an adult manner, it may look better for you in the long run.

Peace ya'll and smoke on

And now on topic.... I can understand NOT wanting to pay to hit a lounge when you have you're own to smoke. Heck, I have 6 rigs myself and still went (TWICE) to a lounge.... mostly because I didn't want the full hassle of playing hookah master to a group of 8 people (in my tiny little living room). And your so dang right about the VA weather! It's supposed to hit 103 today down here in HR! ARGH! I'm melting!
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