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Default a warning about the ice torrent hookah

I recently purchased a Ice Torrent hookah off

The one with the acrylic base with silver stripes. I got my order in and much to my dismay the threads on the base is stripped, and oddly the stem doesnt really seem to fit too well anyway... So, I call up hookah-shisha, great customer service, other than the guy who forget to ship the replacement base. He could have had a long day, so I can't take it out on him.

Today, I get my new replacement base, and much to my dismay, AGAIN, the base doesn't screw on. It looked like the correct one, becuase it had the silver stripes. (If you actually look on hookah-shisha, large mods, one hose ice torrent, you'll see exactly what i talking about.) Now it appears that the stem has some sorta defect.

So, I call them up again and they are willing to send me a glass, clear bohemian base, and a different stem (obviously) with a prepaid ups stamp.. So I can send the damaged product. The guys at hookah-shisha were really professional and nice about this entire mess..

Anyway, word for the wise, if you get the ice torrent with acrylic base, you could run into some base trouble..
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