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Default Re: Shisha Recommendations

The reviews section is awesome! Since you found it I can only suggest some brands and you can look up some of the reviews that other posters have made. AF Is pretty much known around here as a go to shisha. Alot of people smoke AF most of the time. Another one is Tangiers, they carry a couple of lines of tobacco. They have the noir line which is unwashed, hits ALOT hard nicotine wise than starbuzz or fumari ever will. They have their F-Line which has caffine in it. Last, but not least, they have lucid, which is washed tobacco, hits about as hard or maybe just a tad bit harder than starbuzz and fumari. Fumari seems to be a tad more pricer if starbuzz, so if you are looking to buy some expensive stuff I would suggest starbuzz. Tred with caution with starbuzz. Their flavors can be overly sweet and artificial. Some people (myself) tend to get tired of this after a short period of time.
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