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Default Re: gar, having to go to a lounge/friends instead of having my own

Haha I'm still hiding mine and I haven't been caught for about almost a year (knock on wood).

But, I wouldn't risk if if your parents are super super strict. I don't think my mom would be uber pissed off...She prob will be a lil bit but will be disappointed. And ah and I know she's gonna go on about that speech about how my friends are a "bad influence" and yada yada yada when I'm really the one who got THEM into hookah! lol

Just wait it out until you move out or something. That's when I'm planning to tell my mom. By then, she'll respect it because I'll be 20 something by then.

Anyway...If you really want that to your parents about it. If they are't cool with it...Just offer that you will only smoke outside. Hey! Better than nothing right? lol
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