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Default Re: Acclimation time

This really all depends. Acclimation is based on your humidity, your environment of where you smoke, and your shish.

I smoke outside, but I store my stuff inside, so I must acclimate every time I smoke. Yes...I have tried not acclimating, and I get no taste. Remember, I live in Houston/Friendswood. Humidity is constantly 70% or more and temps from march through october are well over 90 degrees. I usually let it sit outside on the patio table for about 3-4 hours. With the rise of global warming and the lack of anyone doing anything about it, soon all of you will have to acclimate

Not sure how smoking inside works. I mean I smoke inside my shops all the time, and I tend to acclimate it there too. Not for 3-4 hours, but for about 45 minutes. There isnt a huge change, but its enough to make me do it all the time lol..
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