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Default Hookah Dream

yo yo ppl its dmc back from the dead i guess,, 1st i want to say that i havent been online that much as i've been figuring some stuff out.. but very very soon i will be back.

Back to the tittle of this post.

Have you guys/girls ever had a dream with hookahs?!?!? i had a couple actually hahah and had one this night again

Dream: I was bored at home, then this girls that was chilling with me knew some ppl, then she called them (brazilians) then i could see them going around by a car (like a second view camera even though i was maybe 10.000 miles away from them, but i could see them coming to my place on my brain) in the back of their car they had some cool looking hookahs, with this crazy glass hoses and some weird stuff inside that gave them a boost flavour,

So they got to my place, we were talkingabout hookah and stuff.. hahah i remember i gave to them my HH kiwi and all the samples i got from USA, i told them it sucked and i hated hahah... then this guy was coming with the coals (all natural coals) then i woke up (some body was acutally calling me on skype) and i kept saying "tiny" that was his name i guess

So share your hookah dreams with us. Makes it bold if u want just to separate from the normal text...

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