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Default Re: looking for a new hookah


dont get a mya bro. Older style myas have succumbed to these myas that are out not...basically trash hookahs based on looks. Not even sure why they design hookahs like this if they know they'll have problems. Issues that are current with MYA's: thin glass on bottom of vase, rust in or around hose port or purge valve, draw is too tight, hoses rust, shaft is made of materials that deteriorate quickly. Not too many positives. Also, for the price tag, you can get some pretty nice Egyptian or Syrian solid core rigs.

multiple hose rigs are interesting these days. most of them have ok reviews, and most of them have the same complaints; mainly having to do with the draw. however, in my experience with a few syrians that have had the autoseal system, the draw was incredible and the system worked the way it was supposed. there are different variables that go into this, alot dealing with each particular hookah. So its hard to say. Best thing to do is go with a single hose. Most single hose hookahs can adapt to a double hose. Several sites sell the adapters for them. This way you get the best of both worlds.

If you want something that disassembles and is easy to clean, look for syrians. Egyptians dont really disassemble to my knowledge. hope this helped...
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