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Default Re: Has anyone tried the LEILA?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
hahaha, the Leila tastes goooood!

Anyhow, roadtrip to CA! ahah that would be great! But that would be a long ass drive!

The big question on everybody's mind is, whether it is worth the money or not?
Well, for roadtrips, it is a nice compact system. You are paying for the "portability"!
as for big hitting, it is not a big hitter, you will burn your tobacco and the assembly if you try to get overzealous with your coal! In my review I try to "STRESS" that if you put to much coal, you will melt the assembly! That would be bad! So with minimal coal, you get some clouds, but they are small clouds and if you keep them small clouds with a small amount of coal, you should have a flavorful smoke that will last you quite a while. in theory

overall, for a roadtrip it would be nice portable and compact for smoking some hookah if you get bored easily. But this is NOT a KM, MZ, or one of the bigger badder hookahs! It is a portable unit that provides portable smoke. That is what you have to consider. It is a NICE compact package. It is more of a novelty item that is useable on long roadtrips. This is not the hookah you would want to buy as your first hookah!

The difference is a portable fan compared to a wall mounted AC unit. Sure the portable fan is nice to have! but the AC unit is your first purchase! Portable fan is second as a backup.
Sambooka you have a point in there, I think that for first hookah it would probably be a waste of money, but if you're stuck in the traffic or you have a considerable journey I dunno maybe an hour driving this thing will probably make the trip easier. But thx for the info I was wondering the hitting factor aswell as the taste... I don't care If I cloud like volcano, with the clouds I saw in your review I'm ok. I hope someday I'll be able to buy that "sexy beyotch" (quoting sambooka haha). thx a lot!
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