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Default Fridge experiment results

A couple of days ago I posted a doubt I had about storing the shisha in the fridge. The amount of replies in favor is almost the same that against, so I decided to call it a tight. With this decision I followed the suggestion of doing some experimentation about this topic so I stored a small sample of nakhla mint in the fridge for almost 24 hours, then I prepared my bowl and started the session. After this I prepared another bowl but with some nakhla mint that I stored in my cupboard and did the same.

With such a big project like this (haha just kidding) I came up with the next results:

There's just a slight difference between boths samples but the one I stored in the cupboard was a little bit tasty but the difference was nul. So I think my experiment is totally irrelevant, I think that the reason of why some people have bad experiences with storing their shisha at the fridge is because other factors such as humidity or distribution of the molasses.

So I conclude that you're never going to know if the fridge helps or harms your shisha, it depends on factors you can't control until we do more experimentation about this. Maybe this experiment was very superficial and we have to dig a little bit more this matter.
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