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Default Re: Hookah Bars/Lounges

thanks for everyones input.

I know the basics. I have been to several bars/lounges/clubs/etc. I know what works and what doesnt. I just wanted opinions from you guys since owners never really get the chance to communicate with the consumer.

Brands, I think I'll do Al Fakher, Layalina, Al Amir, Al Quemah, Fumari, and Havana.
Flavors, Ill do the research but im pretty sure what i want., lounge scene with several micro-fiber couches. Lots of pillows, and also several booths and normal seating just incase I want to serve food (havent decided)

Rigs...Syrians. Im not gonna beat around the bush. In my area, 40% will be new to the game if not more. I want them to have an experience of a life time. I dont want to put MYA's out there (smoke capabilities suck) and I dont want to deal with Egyptians for the simple fact that Syrians are the hardest hitting hookahs I have ever come by. Dont get me wrong, Ill keep some "normal" rigs off to the side for those who cant handle it.

Ill keep you guys posted.
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