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Default Quest to make my own Shisha...

Well me and my brother are kinda tired of some of the brands out there not tasting the way they are supposed to taste like, so we are going to try to make our own.

Basics: Long leaf whole Virginia tobacco. It is readily available to us since we own tobacco stores and we deal with things like this. We are also going to try Asfahana High Quality Tombac. This is basically a dry leaf that the old timers prepare and smoke.

for flavoring, we will try several different things, a few in particular. Not giving this info out because of obvious reasons, but if anyone is interested PM me.

Glycerin will also be used at the right ratios.

We will start making these within a couple of weeks. Anyone interested in testing for us, PM me. We will test first ourselves. And then we will let it loose on you guys lol
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