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Default Re: AF grape strikes again

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
I know, too bad there are people still giving AF grape a chance. I understand sambooka's reasoning. He hasn't ran into a bad batch of it yet, so I could see why he would keep buying it. As for the people who have had 3-5 consecutive bad 250's move on to another grape no need to keep buying the ketchup! . Al Amir white grape is fantastic!
People should continue to "give AF grape a chance"! It is a great flavor.The problem here is that obviously, many people aren't aware of the prod. dates during which the problem(s) occurred.
note: AF grape produced between fall of '07 and jan. 08 has been mentioned to be a problem. So if your gonna buy AF grape get a NEW batch, or an OLD batch!! And if you still don't like it than it's prolly not the flavor for you.
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