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Default Re: new online hookah store!

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
If you want to have a shop worthy of support I suggest the following:

1) Have decent customer service. That means answering emails in a timely fashion, sending out order confirmations and tracking numbers and packing stuff well. It means correcting problems quickly and cheerfully when they crop up.

2) Carry high quality brass narghiles from Syria, Lebanon and Iran that you can't get else where

3) Unless you can sell the same brands of shisha I can get anywhere else for a lot less you'll need to carry stuff that is unique. I would suggest carrying anyone of the hundreds of brands that are not sold in the states. I would suggest carrying any of the numerous product lines made by Ahmed Jurak or the Oriental Tobacco company. What is not needed is another source for all the major brands that everyone knows and can get anywhere.
these are great suggestions Hajo. Many of us are big fans of the more obscure tradditional brands of moassel. And yes, we love our hand made brass syrian narghille. You would clearly have a loyal, be it small, base of customers. But let's be honest. From a business perspective, you gotta make some $ too. And these day all the kids wanna smoke thier Starbuzz though the KMs.
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