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Default Re: Fridge experiment results

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Thanks for providing us with your results! lol

After I read your results, I think it also depends on how cold your fridge is, how juicy the tobacco is, and how long you keep the shisha in the fridge

I think the last bit is what will effect your shisha the most. I'm sure if you leave a tub in the fridge without touching it for weeks...i'm sure there will be some drastic changes
Yeah my results weren't as promicing at they seem but as I said it depends in other factos sometimes you can't control just as the tobacco humidity resistance, how juicy it is and sometimes the cooling capacity of our fridges. But yeah the time factos is important too, how old is your tobacco and how long do you keep in the fridge so haha let's keep experimenting.
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