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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Alright guys here is the update. I got my portion of the Contentment stuff and it's two different blends: شاهنامه which translates into Shāhnāma and دق ق which = Daqiqi. They smell amazing and are black and sticky. I think this is some of the best stuff around and is very complicated and flavourful. My American bud says that he'll have his portion out of customs some time during the up coming week. Anyhow, the way it will work is that he'll have enough to give out 10 samples provided that those interested are willing to pay postage via paypal. I'm guessing the postage to people in the states will run about 2 bucks.

Anyone interested IM me your name and mailing address and i'll forward it my stateside friend who'll mail it out and send everyone his paypal info.
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