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Default Re: Exoticas - Not getting hot enough?

Well yeah, that's goingto happen. Are you ashing them regularly? After 20 min or so pick them up and gently tap them on your ash tray or what i do is tap the top of the coal with ta tongs. makes all the difference. I only get 45 min out of exotica but that seems long enouogh to me lol.

Also be sure to use 3/4 finger next time if you havent already

Originally Posted by mack65401 View Post
Hello everyone,
I just bought a single coil burner from Walgreens and a kilo box of exoticas online. I have been experimenting with the coals and I agree with everything regarding how clean they burn and not alter the taste, etc. etc.

My problem is though, they seem to loose all of their heat after about 20 minutes and the smoke gets thinner and thinner unless I start using a windcover to trap the heat. I have also heard people say that they last forever but in my case they seem to last for about 45 mins max.

My setup is a 26 inch no name Egyptian, with absolutely no leaks, a small funnel bowl and usually tangiers or al fakher tobacco. I use 3 quarter pieces on the bowl once they are red hot all over and usually smoke inside so no heat is lost due to air currents etc. I was wondering whether I was doing something wrong or if you have any suggestions... Thanks in advance.
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