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Default Re: Do NOT buy Nammor.

I donno about that really. What's the point in buying a washable then? get a KM - close to or same as a Nommar but non washablefrom what I've come to understand.

I just run some lemon juice though it and rinse with cool water.

My Nommar hose; leaks on both ends. Teh leak by the stem can be pretty bad depending on if the leak is facing up or down. If it's under the bend as the hose comes off the stem it's a little better. The red grommet that holds the mouth piece in place was actually lose from the hose or mouth pice. I just figured hey its a grommet I know what to do with it lol turns out it should be glued into the hose. or so I have heard.

Called H-S to try and return it, it was a yule gift from my roommate. I was refused. The amount of time he had bought it in advance to using it after xmass created in issue. So $25 hose that I'd love to strangle someone with.

I agree, avoid Nommar hoses.

Originally Posted by madklown06 View Post
im with sam. just dont wash them. i dont wash any of my hoses and they are fine.
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