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Default Differences between Egyptians and Syrians..

Well many people ask this question, so I'm going to try to attempt to have a compare and contrast type of thing. Here it goes...

Egyptians and Syrians Compared:

Egyptians Range in size from 12" - 44"
Syrians Range in size from 18" - 36"

Egyptians do not disassemble, and are usually a few different sections welded together.
Syrians disassemble about half the time, and if not, are a single solid piece of copper/steel.

Egyptian multihose capabilites are usually not that great. Smoke is less and harder to draw.
Syrians function almsot as well multihosed or single hosed (In my experiences)

Egyptians have the potential to either: rust, fall apart, or break over the years (depends on rig)
Syrians...dont. Period. Syrians do not rust, do not fall apart, and have never broke in my time

Egyptians smoking capabilites are quite high, smoke good, and offer great flavor
Syrians are equal to this if not better. I get more smoke from Syrians and a tad more flavor.

Egyptians are pretty well priced. Ranging from $20 - $150
Syrians a little more, but you get better quality

Egyptians Usually have only 2 holes in the heart
Syrians almost always have 4 holes in the heart (better smoke, easier draw)
verdict: Egyptians and Syrians both have goods and bads. They both are nice rigs to have (depending on what you actually have and where you get it). They both perform well. In my studies/observations, Egyptians can easily last 10 years. Take care of them, and its very likely. Syrians can last centuries....literally. The biggest different, to me, is the draw, the amount of smoke, the slight difference in flavor, the quality, and the durability.

I was going to include photographs, as comparisons, but some people might consider that agaisnt the rules, so I refrained from doing that.

If anything is missing, discuss it; reply to this topic.

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