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Default Need Help/Tips!

Ok, i've got a 27'' espresso right, i've been setting it up right (youtube videos) and it does smoke, butttt i can't get clouds! i know w/ a 27'' you should get a pretty nice cloud but my smoke isnt as big/thick as the ones i see others blow out. i pack my bowl not too tight, and there is a gap between the foil & shisha, the quicklite coals are workin like theyre suppose too but im just not satisfied w/ the smoke. im sure theres a step i'm missing or i'm doing something wrong. now, i thought about getting another hose w/ a wider end/tip but i think i dont need to just yet bc i just gotta find out what i need to do. ive tried AF/Nakhla/SB & Laylina, i get the same size smoke. if you look at my avatar, thats probably the biggest cloud i've gotten so far w/ it and it looks like nothing! please, anyone, help me step by step on how to set it up.
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