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Default 12" MYA QT Hookah + My 1st post on Hookah Pro!

Hello folks; I've perused the posts and information on this forum for a couple of weeks now...but this is my first post! I'm excited to be a member on the boards; as I can tell there are some great members on here.

I've enjoyed and learned a lot from sambooka's youtube videos on tips and product that's what led me to join. Not to mention that I like hearing his intro music...smooth and relaxing .

I recently purchased a 12" MYA QT; will be receiving it soon...I just wanted to know what some of you guys thought about it (preferaby some insight from those that own one of these; or have had experiences with one).

Right now; I have two sizes of the Three Kings Coal...a roll of larger coals and a roll of smaller coals. Should I use (1) small coal to smoke the MYA QT with..or (1) large coal?

Also, I'm kind of wary because I keep seeing reviews and discussions on the 14"; even 13" MYA QT...but no discussion or mention of the 12".

Any and all input and advice will be appreciated.
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