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Default Re: My own little experiment

Originally Posted by Dunkel
Well for what it's worth I did as I said I would and blew the smoke from nearly an entire 45 minute session through a paper towel. I attached it to a paper towel roll cut down to be shorter than a t.p. roll and taped all around it so the smoke had nowhere to go but through the paper towel. At the end of the session there was no discoloration at all to the paper towel. Does this mean that smoking a hookah is safe? No. Does it mean that there's no tar at all in hookah smoke? No. Does it mean that smoking a hookah is better for you than smoking cigarettes? Not necessarily, but I feel a little better about it seeing that cigarette smoke leaves a very noticable stain from one drag let alone a whole smoke. I'm no scientist, I did this out of curiousity.
Well, there is no definitive way yet of being able to tell wether or not hookah smoking is better or worse than cigarrettes. But the simple fact that ONE DRAG out of a cigarrette causing a brown stain on a napkin, and yet when you try the same expirement with a hookah for 45 minutes, it doesn't leave any trace of a stain....I think this says A LOT about how much cleaner hookah smoke is in comparison to cigarrette smoke...remember, that brown stain is what goes into your lungs and turns them black over time (aka TAR!). If a whole hookah session can't even cause the slightest evidence of stain, then that obviously means that you are not turning your lungs black like you would with cigarrettes, or at least not as rapidly...
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