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Default Re: 12" MYA QT Hookah + My 1st post on Hookah Pro!

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
I'd say 1 1/2 3 Kings for your MYA QT.
thanks for the tip. just to clarify; are you saying use a 1 1/2 piece of the smaller disc of Three Kings coal?

Because I have two consisting of the larger disced-coals, the other of the smaller disced-coals

Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
I love my qt. im smoking from it right now actually! just watch the water level cause even a bit too much will cause it to go into the hose. if you have just the bowl that came with it use the smaller ones, otherwise the bigger ones though work just fine.

plus get a new hose, preferably a nammor or razan they wont rust like the mya hoses. aside from that you should be good! youll get great smoke from it and if you treat it right it will last awhile. mines coming up on 7 months and i havent had issues yet
Thanks for your reply raid3n. I have a couple of more questions regarding the QT...

Since the vase is so small to begin with...should I add ice to the water as well (i mean is there room for it?) If there is room; how much ice can/should I add?

Also, about how far up should I fill the water past the stem? Oh and if JillyIsJustKidding happens to not see this post; can you answer my coal question?

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